The mission of HES Global is to become your first choice when selecting professional and talented management in the Hospitality Industry, enabling you to build productive teams.

Today, more than ever, only highly qualified professionals can be considered for employment abroad. It is therefore very important that the selection of candidates is thoroughly made. The sometimes lengthy process of searching for the right candidates, checking references, and conducting first interviews is taken over by HES Global for its clients

HES Global offers a highly specialized style of personal service, and has access to the finest and most professional candidates to cope with the challenges in a fast changing world.



Why HES Global?

Search Options

Retained Search

Senior Management and General Manager appointments are our strongest candidate base. We provide Retained Search Services for these assigments with a bespoke agreement on fee percentage:

Engaging HES Global as your Executive Search partner, as part of our services you will receive:

Contingency Search

Our Contingency Search service pertains to roles for Department Heads, Executive Committee level as well Middle Management. We offer a beneficial Partnership Agreement based on succesful completion of all assignments, which offers two tiers of fee options:

Our preferred type of assignment are Exclusive to HES Global for 30 days. The Exclusivity fees are more competitive as an incentive to give HES Global first call and total exclusivity as sole recruitment consultancy for a period of 30 days.

Our Non-Exclusive fees are higher as the market will be somewhat diluted due to multiple recruiters working on the assignment, hence making it more challenging to compete.

For all Contingency searches, admin fees for 1/4 of the estimated fee are due in the event that:

Guarantees & Fees

As an executive search firm, we earn our fee only when a candidate introduced by us has been hired by our client.
Fees will be invoiced in Sterling, US Dollars or Euros, at the date of a verbal or written offer and acceptance of the position. A copy of the candidate’s contract of employment or other relevant agreement must be forwarded to HES Global to comply with our industry regulator. All fees are payable within 21 days of the date of invoice.

Our candidates’ introduction to your company is valid for a 12 month period from the date of sending their details to you whether this results in an interview or not.

* This introduction is non-transferrable to third parties or other regions within your company for similar or different opportunities without HES Global’s express consent and if agreed, the receiving party must be informed in writing that HES Global’s fee will be due if the individual is hired for any position within the 12 month introduction period.
Our candidates are guaranteed for a period of 3 months from the start date or otherwise agreed.

* Should the candidate leave the employer either by resignation or by dismissal from the client within the 3 month period, HES Global will provide free replacement services if the invoice has been paid on time within the 21 day payment period.

HES Global does not provide cash refunds as a company policy.

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